Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion


By the very nature of what we do WALDRONSMITH Management (WSM) brings people together to share ideas and positively shape the future. In doing so, we are committed to working alongside our clients to create and deliver conferences aligned with their sustainability goals.

WSM is cognisant of its ongoing relationship with the environment and acknowledges the impact a conference has. Our role is to ensure our clients consider options and solutions to minimize their impact on the environment.

We provide advice and expertise while developing and implementing sustainability plans suited to each client’s individual requirement – ours is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Sustainability considerations underpin the many decisions made when planning conferences with our clients and our valued suppliers. WSM constantly look for alternative options and solutions to help reduce the footprint for our clients.

Clients are provided with all the relevant information to enable them to make well rounded decisions and implement strategies to deliver a conference that has minimal impact on the environment and maximum impact for their delegates.

Sustainable Conferences

WSM is committed to supporting our clients attain their sustainability goals by reducing the environmental footprint of their conferences. To do this we have adopted and implemented a wide range of sustainable procurement and environmental practices such as:

  • Selecting local suppliers to ensure the products that are sourced are environmentally sensitive, are produced locally and either recycled or reused
  • Selecting suitable venues that have a sustainability commitment and policy to support our client’s goals
  • Focusing on the selection of local produce suppliers for all catering
  • Consider plant-based catering options which have less impact on the environment
  • Ensure any unused food and beverage is donated to a local charitable food organisation and to work with venues to minimise food waste
  • Maximise the usage of digital signage at venues
  • Consider the use of recyclable, reusable or sustainable display systems within the Exhibition
  • Promoting the usage of electronic posters with the WSM EPoster Zone rather than utilising printed posters
  • Replacing printed material such as a handbook, pocket program, book of abstract with the use of the WSM Client App.
  • If a satchel or printed material is requested by the client, consider an opt in for delegates when registering to avoid printing excessive stock
  • Provide carbon offsetting options for delegates and speakers to opt into when making their travel arrangements and registrations
  • Procurement of ecofriendly speaker gifts
  • Replace disposable plastic packaged water and coffee cups with reusable options on site
  • Coffee cart service to provide 100% sustainable coffee sourced locally or from fair trade

Sustainable Business

WSM’s approach to sustainability is adopted internally with the same level of commitment in its day to day operations throughout our multi state office environment, in the following ways:

  • Investment in solar panels generating own power at Head Office
  • Reinvesting any additional power generated back into the grid
  • Ongoing reinvestment in low-voltage office lighting at Head Office
  • Utilising manual on/off of all lights and air-conditioning after hours
  • Recycling of all paper products and food and beverage containers
  • If printing material is required ensuring it is double sided to reduce paper usage
  • Electronic storage of documents in the cloud
  • Commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing and procurement throughout our supply chain
  • Delivering digital solutions to reduce our carbon footprint

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are paramount when planning conferences and WSM assists our clients in the many considerations required to achieve this outcome. Ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all people is imperative.

This is achieved through communication, openness and awareness of various needs. From the use of language in our communications, the structure of the program (eg demonstrating gender, geographic, career status diversity), through to the facilities available on site (eg prayer rooms, family friendly spaces, sensor friendly rooms, gender diverse bathrooms), are all considerations needed to provide accessible, equitable and inclusive events for all.

Within the WSM workplace, diversity and inclusion are extremely important to WSM and reflects the value of the Directors. Our policies and procedures support diversity, inclusion and a supportive environment providing team members with the framework and confidence to raise and discuss important matters with us.

WSM invests in ongoing professional development for our team in areas of sustainability, diversity and inclusion to ensure we can bring an optimum service to our clients and successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

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