Corporate Social Responsibility

WALDRONSMITH Management is committed to exploring and implementing new and innovative ways of making sure our actions and operations are environmentally-conscious.

Sustainability has been adopted as a key element of our operating principles and as a long term business strategy for our company. At the heart of this however is our belief that, in an ideal world, sustainability measures should be a given undertaking of any business or organisation – not a point of difference.

WALDRONSMITH Management have policies in place tooffset our green house gas emissions and become carbon neutral utilising Easy Being Green’s low voltage light program. We see this decision to offset our emissions as a commitment to the future, a statement to our staff, client’s and stakeholders and a demonstration of leadership in our industry.

We also work with various companies and organisations to actively engage our clients and their delegates and provide them with options to reduce the environmental footprint of their events with a focus on the triple bottom line. These include, though are not limited to:

  • Assistance with choosing venue’s and accommodation with environmental management plans
  • Purchasing green energy
  • Offsetting emissions of travel both at an event level and/or at an individual level
  • Accurately planning our events taking into consideration expected numbers, duration and number of rooms required to ensure best fit and minimal use of resources
  • Implementing waste reduction policy’s with the aim of reducing, reusing and recycling materials
  • Actively engaging suppliers to ensure a substantial knowledge base of environmentally-conscious wares ie satchels, name badges, printers, etc

WALDRONSMITH Management work closely with our clients to ensure your green guidelines are not only met, but ideally exceeded.

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